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The Birth Of Rockin Jelly Bean

This limited-edition poster is made with in-house art from the world's most beautiful kappa girl. Made from the highest quality materials, this poster is gilded, quilt-lined, and sewn with an unique, personal inscription by you. This is a perfect gift for any jellybean lover!

The Birth Of Rockin Jelly Bean Ebay

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The Birth Of Rockin Jelly Bean Amazon

This limited art posterkappa girl is known as the birth of rockin jellybean. She is a 841594mm. And is unique in that she has a posterkappa girl symbol and a beige dress. She is wearing a bluebrowser vest and a redbrowser button. this is a first edition set of accessories for the jellybean character rockin jelly bean. They include a jellyball body, a jellybean thumb drive, a jellybean phone, and a jellybean guitar. The jellybean is based on the character jellybean from the animated television series jellybean, and all of the accessories are based on the character's popular functions. The jellybean was first introduced in the jellybean series. the birth of rockin jelly bean is a perfect fit for any art lover. With its beautiful artwork and unique design, this book is sure to nerve up any artist or musician in the best way. The limited first edition clear file set is perfect for any of your storage needs and makes a great gift for any artist or musician in the best way. this is a perfect book for those who want to buy the birth of rockin jelly bean. There is a very rare book issue in theretched condition of the usual book. The cover is very well done with a great attention to detail. The pages are well-glued and the spine is tight. There is no writing or annotation on this book. It is just a very well-made art book.