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Jelly Bean Yarns

Looking for a fun and festive yarn for your next party game? Investigate our lot of 2 skeins of lion brand cupcake yarn! This yoo-hoo.

Jelly Bean Yarns Amazon

This jelly Bean yarn set comes in three skeins, each of which is 3, 5 oz. For a soft and comfortable fit, choose one skein from the set, the other two skeins are bit more challenging with a medium weight and a wide range the set also includes a dainty darien yarn in a light weight and a wide range of color options. This set will fit any need and will give you a top-grade amount of yarn for your needs, finally, for the individual who wants to go fast, get this set in fabulous condition! Add this set to your wish list and save on the price. Please enter a valid pattern, please enter a valid key. Please enter a valid price, please enter a valid product type. This is a splendid deal on jellybean yarns! You can get the boucle on sale this week, the 203 sorbet is in beautiful jellybean color and provides a splendid fit for an 5 footer. The 205 parfait is a beautiful green and cream color, sterling for an 10 footer, the 208 2. 5 oz, is a top-of-the-heap color for a first time fiber artist or artist. These keywords are used to find products by this yarn company, this product imparts the keywords "jelly beans" and "lion boucle jellie" in both cases. This is a yarn company that i grove on because they have a lot of different colors and different styles, they have different types of yarn and it's always fun to buy.