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Jelly Bean Molds

This fun and unique toy is the perfect way to add excitement to your easter egg hunt. These jelly bean molds make taking young kids to church or church safe and easy. The shots set includes 2jelly bean molds- 2 onyx molds and 1 earth mould- 1. These molds are perfect for playing with to create a mystery within the community.

Silicone Jelly Bean Mold

If you're looking for a delicious and easy to make jelly beans mold, you'll want to check out my latest blog post! This one about how to make the jelly beans mold from a silicone bean mold. this jelly beans mold is so easy to make, and you'll be able to create so many different jelly beans look and feel with it! First, you'll need some silicone beans, which you can find at a variety of stores. Then, you'll need a drill, a saw, and a few pieces of wood. After you're done, you'll be able to create a great looking jelly beans mold with it!

Jelly Bean Silicone Mold

This is a jelly bean silicone mold that makes 164 beans shots. It's a great gift for easter! this is a great way to create 16 oz jelly beans in a hurry! They are easy to make and require no design or engineering skills. Just use a jell-o and some beans, and you're ready to go. The jelly beans will jiggle and echo the action with your guests. this jelly bean mold tray is the perfect way to add some jelly beans to your easter celebration. The tray has a bright green color and is made of durable plastic. It is also lightweight and easy to move. this is a kit that you can use to create your own jelly beans mold from jelly beans. You only need some supplies and can make a lot of different jelly beans with this kit. You can make a variety of flavors with this kit, such as orange, green, posters, and brown. The kit also includes a jelly beans requires some water and time, but it's worth it because you get to make a custom jelly beans mold.