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Heart Shaped Starburst Jelly Beans

Looking for a fun and fun filled gift? Look no further than our Heart Shaped jelly beans! These jelly beans are fantastic giveaway for appreciate interested people know that you'll be drawn to them if you try one out! The juggler's ball stately jelly beans are made of high quality jellied water breasts and are designed to give a costumes of the most beautiful women and girls of all ages a likeable presence, if you're hunting for a gift that will add value and appeal to your event then search no more than our Heart Shaped jelly beans.

Starburst Jelly Beans Hearts

These heart-shaped jelly beans are first-rate alternative to sweeten up your holiday season, they are exceptional for giving as a gift or taking home with you. Starburst makes a fantastic addition to your home décor, our Starburst jelly beans are unequaled substitute to ornate your next party. These 11-oz, bag of heart-shaped jelly beans are sensational substitute for your next Starburst party. With different colors and flavors to choose from, this jellied fruit is sure to be a hit! This Starburst jellybean hearts package comes with an 11 oz, heart-shaped jelly beans. They are available in options such as strawberry, cherry, or vietnamese flavor, there are vietnamese jelly beans and other jelly beans in the package. The 11 oz, Heart size is best-in-the-class for two or three people. The jelly beans are heart-shaped and are unequaled for spending time with your loved ones, this Starburst jellybean bag offers two 11 oz. Bag of heart-shaped jelly beans in a black and red design, the bag is yielded in red, blue, and green. It is 12, 5 inches wide, and 10. 5 inches tall, there is a star in the center of each and it is 11. 5 ounces.