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Coffee Jelly Beans

Introducing the newest addition to our dunkin donuts line of iced coffee latte jelly beans! This 12 oz. Set of jelly beans comes in easter season flavor choices, like green tea, lemon, strawberry, and black tea, and offers a great deal on busy kids or parents who want to get the biggest emotional rush from tea. The 12 oz. Size is perfect for larger amounts, or for taking home as a gift.

DUNKIN DONUTS 13 oz Iced Coffee Flavored Jelly Beans

DUNKIN DONUTS 13 oz Iced Coffee Flavored Jelly Beans

By Frankford Candy LLC/Dunkin


Dunkin Donuts Jelly Beans

Dunkin donuts jelly beans are the perfect way to sweeten up your next party! They are delicious with a slightly sweet flavor that will please alladds. The jelly beans will help to top off your party and make it more enjoyable.

Coffee Flavored Jelly Beans

Dunkin' donuts is the one and only store for coffee jelly beans! They'll let you in on the secret and still give you the regular coffee jelly beans! Jelly beans, but with a different flavor. You can enjoy your easter day snack the way you enjoy your regular coffee jelly beans. dunkin donuts has a unique 13 oz. Iced coffee jelly bean container that gives them an edge over the competition. These jelly beans are soft, sweet and delicious. the dunkin' iced coffee jelly bites are the perfect way to enjoy a hot drink without any sugar asteroids. These jelly beans are made with delicious, iced dunkin' iced coffee that will keep you fuelled all day long. Plus, the fun never ends with a dunkin' iced coffee jelly bites. this delicious 3 bag coffee and jelly beans set comes with a latte flavor that is sure to please. This set comes with 13 oz. Of iced coffee and jelly beans, perfect for an easy and iced coffee each day. The candy style exterior and natural jelly beans make this a fun and delicious set that will make your easter egg hunt a success.