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Brach's Scrambled Tiny Jelly Beans

Bach's jelly beans are valuable substitute to enjoy your favorite flavors together, these 24-pack boxes offer 2 free items per day, 24 items per year, and 2 ounces of product. That's enough to make any occasion a delicious and facile one.

Brach's 24 Flavor Jelly Beans

Are you digging for a fun and straightforward surrogate to have 24 fun flavors in your fridge? Why not try them all at once with these brach's 24 flavor jelly beans! These beans are just the thing for keeping your fridge filled with fun flavors all year long, these brachs Scrambled Tiny jelly beans are enticing surrogate to enjoy 24 different flavors of jelly beans at once. Each box contains 2 boxes of 24 jelly beans, making a total of 24 jelly beans, these jelly beans are practical way for lovers hunting for a quick and uncomplicated meal. This is a resealable bag that can be used for healthy, long-term storage, the flavors in these jelly beans are 24 different types brach's Tiny jelly bans are included in this bag. These beans will last for up to four weeks with even a single serving providing 24 points, the 14 oz bag provides a small baguette top and is produced of sturdy plastic. This bag is likewise covered with a self-sealing sealant, this makes for facile storage and keep your beans alive for a longer period of time. This amazing brach's Scrambled jelly beans are top surrogate to get those down, 24 delicious flavors make this is a top-notch set, and the sealable bag makes it straightforward to keep all your jelly beans close together.